Webinar - 5G Hub Eindhoven presents: The Future of Health

27 okt. 2020, 13.00 - 14.00

Over the past few months, the whole world has stood together to find practical and quick answers to a severe health crisis. Previous issues, however, are still present, and healthcare providers keep finding themselves in need, more often than not, of innovative, safe solutions.

From high-tech laboratories or kitchen table “offices,” research has continued to advance, for brilliant ideas to tackle new and old problems never stop arriving. Now, thanks to 5G’s faster, more reliable networks, science and technology professionals have the opportunity to reach unprecedented results. 

5G Hub and High Tech Campus Eindhoven invite you to have a sneak peek on the Future of Health. How can 5G networks enhance solutions for medical treatments? Our board of speakers will share their latest accomplishments, discoveries, and developments in the field. It is more than a display of what cutting-edge technology will (soon) do for our health: it is the envision of a brighter tomorrow.  


Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 
Time: 13.00 - 14.00 
Location: Online


13.00 Introduction by the 5G Hub 

Speaker: Stefan Krijnen of Ericsson

5G and IOT business development manager, over celebrating more than 12,5 years experience in the Telco industry. As part of his job, Stefan is the program board member on behalf of Ericsson in the consortium “5G HUB”. Hear from Stefan on the 5G hub, why Health is one of the priorities of the 5G Hub, the ongoing work and how to participate.

13.10 The Future of Health: Will there be hospitals like we know them within 5 years from now? 

Speaker: Gert-Jan Elzinga, managing partner at Strict

A passion for digital innovation and making things work for organizations and people. Gert-Jan is Managing Partner at Strict, an independent consultancy company helping its clients to get the best out of digital opportunities.

Strict is the innovation partner for over 30 healthcare organizations (both cure and care). We help to accelerate research and create the best healing environment. Together innovative digital solutions such as smartphone and tablet applications, multimedia accessibility, information and communication systems, infrastructure and security are initiated, created and implemented. Gert-Jan will present Strict’s vision on healthcare of the future, summarized by the phrase: ”Will there still be hospitals like we know them within 5 years from now?”

13.25 Assurance for on demand borderless connectivity for Healthcare applications and simulations. A reality with 5G. 

Speaker: Marco Gatti, Principal consultant at Ericsson 

Marco has 20+ years in the Telecom IT/OSS/BSS space, working for many major Service Providers worldwide. Marco has been an active contributor to both catalysts (“Skynet” & “Ghost in the Shell”).

Gatti will share insights from TMForum 2020 Catalyst program: “Ghost in the shell”. The Ghost in the shell project is a follow up from the award winning “Skynet” project, which focused on offering advanced eHealth and tele-medicine services across seamlessly coordinated, geographically distributed service providers to support medical crises where global collaboration is needed. The “Ghost in the shell” project stepped up even further by collaborating with the medical Universities located in Milan, Paris and Tokyo and leading medical equipment vendors, as well as multiple global Telco operators and vendor with a focus on delivering services to the medical and academic sectors via 5G slices for use cases related to medical simulation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, introducing the service and network assurance aspects of the solution.

13.40 Innovative Technology to validate and control Healthcare budgets

Speaker: Marcel Damen, founder of Horizon Internet Technologies and Fair Care Solutions

30 Years experience in Telecommunications and IT. Last 10 years global executive roles in the deployment of Innovations in large enterprises. Founded Horizon Internet Technologies to close the gap between “Powerpoint Innovations” and working solutions. By combining Blockchain and IoT, FAIR CARE was developed, a total solution to monitor and validate Homecare Services, a > 3 BEURO business in NL. FAIR CARE is live in 5 municipalities amongst 3000 clients and will be shortly rolled out within another 6 municipalities. “We don’t talk about solutions, we build them”. 

13.55 Simulated Reality, setting sights on a virtual world without headsets in healthcare 

Speaker: Ioana Mereuta, business development director SR Europe, Middle East and Afrika at Dimenco

Ioana’s passion for immersive technologies began during her master’s degree. She wrote an in-depth paper on "How can spatial computing environments improve the treatment routine in chronically ill patients?" As a result, Ioana founded Avvy, a company that integrated VR as a tool to create and develop applications for patient care. Since then, she's been working with clients such as Medtronic and Deutsche Telekom, bringing together innovative ideas based on spatial technology from concept to implementation. Moving from Spain to the Netherlands, Ioana has embraced simulated reality and has been on a mission to lead the future of human-computer interaction by creating a more collaborative culture.

14.00 End

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If you have any questions, send a message to leticia@5ghub.nl

Webinar - 5G Hub Eindhoven presents: The Future of Health
  • Datum: 27 okt. 2020
  • Starttijd: 13.00
  • Eindtijd: 14.00
  • Locatie: Online
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