Mindful running - 5 week course

11 jun. 2018 - 09 jul. 2018

The Mindful Running Course will guide you through a new running experience. It can make you a more efficient runner through changes in breathing and can even reduce stress levels. You will have a lot of fun and more energy with the right mindset!

These are the three focal points: 

A good running technique is essential to avoid injuries. In the Mindful Run course you will go back to the origins of the human running technique. When you apply this, running will cost less energy and have minimal impact on your body.

Breathing techniques: 
Nowadays, lots of people breathe quickly and shallowly through the mouth. This causes stress, a higher heart rate and higher blood pressure. During the course we use the Buteyko-method to improve your breathing. You will learn to breathe quietly through the nose during running. Results: lower stress levels, more energy and better running results! 

It`s not about running as fast as possible in this course, but about enjoying your run. Learn to listen to your body and enjoy nature. Running will no longer be a must, but a fun activity!

So, Mindful Run provides you with a better running technique, more energy, less stress, better breathing and a lot of fun. After this Mindful Run course, running will never be the same!

Curious? Apply now! 

Dates and location: Campus Wellness Center 

Monday: 17:30-19:00 - 11/6 - 18/6, 25/6, 2/7, 9/7 
Thursday: 17:30-19:00 – 14/6 – 21/6 – 28/6 – 5/07 -12/07

Price: 95 euro 
More info & subscribe: heleen@happyhealthystudio.com / bas.kaspers@highfive.fit 

Mindful running - 5 week course
  • Datum: 11 jun. 2018
  • Starttijd: 17.30
  • Eindtijd: 18.30
  • Locatie: Campus Wellness Center, High Tech Campus 1E
  • Prijs: € 95
  • Website

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