MATLAB Coders @ ICT - What is new in R2019b

22 okt. 2019, 17:45 - 20:30

Join us if you Speak MATLAB

This event will focus on sharing how different people use MATLAB/Simulink to solve technical problems. Hosted at ICT in Eindhoven (https://ict.eu). The presentations will be technical and are aimed at technical people.

17:45 - Doors open
18:00 - Welcome
18:10 - Combining the power of MATLAB & Python
18:40 - Using MATLAB for designing optics
19:00 - Dinner / Drinks
20:00 - What is new in MATLAB R2019b?
20:30 – Drinks (optional)

Title: Combining the power of MATLAB & Python
Description: MathWorks provides several options to combine MATLAB and Python programming. This interactive talk will give an overview for these options and show practical examples of how MATLAB and Python can be combined to write scripts faster and/or easier than would be possible by using only one of these languages.
Presenter: Joris Laurenssen - System Engineer https://www.linkedin.com/in/joris-laurenssen-69261624/
Company: Frencken Group - https://www.frencken.nl/
Title: Using MATLAB for designing optics
Description: The light of a radiating body is collimated by a lens upon a light-sensitive element. We are interested in the resulting light power on this element. Instead of using ray tracing, Matlab is used to calculate this power via closed integrals. It is used to analyze effects like out-of-focus and non-alignment of the sensitive element. The equations and Matlab-expressions will be shown and a live Matlab demo for a point source will be given.
Presenter: Jaap Fijnvandraat - Modeling and Simulation Consultant https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaap-g-fijnvandraat/
Company: FEMS Consultancy: www.fems-consultancy.nl
Title: What is new in MATLAB R2019b?
Description: On the 11th of September there R2019b was released. This interactive talk will go over some of the highlights in MATLAB R2019b and several of the toolboxes. If you don't like reading releases notes this talk will be worth your time.
Presenter: Gareth Thomas - Co-Founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/g-thomas/
Company: VersionBay - www.versionbay.com

Attendee profile:
* People who want to learn about MATLAB/Simulink
* Interested in seeing how others use MATLAB
* Interested in being part of the MATLAB Coders community
* No Recruiters
* No Sales
* Only people who speak MATLAB

Presenter profile:
* Must open MATLAB during the talk
* Show how a problem with MATLAB was solved
* Share tips and tricks in MATLAB

MATLAB Coders @ ICT - What is new in R2019b
  • Datum: 22 okt. 2019
  • Starttijd: 17:45
  • Eindtijd: 20:30
  • Locatie: ICT, Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan 30 5613 AM Eindhoven
  • Website

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