£¥€$ (Lies) - Ontroerend Goed

04 mei 2019 - 05 mei 2019

Ontroerend Goed invites you to get under the skin of the well-to-do the 1%, the super rich the ones who pull the strings, the faces we never get to see.

‘The best way to rob a bank, is to own one’ — William Crawford, Commissioner of the California Department of Savings and Loans

Ontroerend Goed invites you to get under the skin of the well-to-do the 1%, the super rich the ones who pull the strings, the faces we never get to see. For one night, you can take their chairs.  Many experts say that if we realised what money really is, there would be a revolution. The whole system would implode because the trust, which is essential, would melt away like snow in the sun. Ontroerend Goed invites you to get around the table and play the system from within. Our financial system is more like an uncontrollable beast that has power over its people. In £¥€$, that power is made tangible. People often cannot resist the play of hedge funds and high risk investments. Choices are given and made. And you are free to decide.  £¥€$ is an interactive simulation depicting the financial world history of the past 100 years, offering insight into the complexity of the system and its impact on our daily lives. P.S. If you come, please take some money. Cash, because we don't trust the pixels on your screen that tell us how much money you supposedly possess.

Saturday May 4th - 16:00
Saturday May 4th - 20:30
Sunday May 5th - 11:00
Sunday May 5th - 20:30

Performed in English

£¥€$ (Lies) - Ontroerend Goed
  • Datum: 04 mei 2019
  • Starttijd: 16:00
  • Eindtijd: 17:30
  • Locatie: Parktheater Eindhoven
  • Prijs: € 24.50
  • Website
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