ESI webinar day: theme digital enablement

06 okt. 2020, 10h00 - 17h00

Innovation high-tech industry is largely enabled by digital technologies

Over the past decades, the high-tech industry has fully experienced the digitalization of their products and processes. As a consequence, innovation in high-tech industry is now largely enabled by digital technologies. For example, the expansion towards more complex systems and system of systems integrated in a customer context. Or, the renewed focus on life cycle management with continuous upgrades and keeping the product fit for purpose.

  • 10h00-11h30 webinar 1: Remote collaboration in research and engineering
  • 13h30-15h00 webinar 2: MBSE - adoption and added value
  • 15h30-17h00 webinar 3: Intelligent diagnostics

ESI webinar day: theme digital enablement
  • Datum: 06 okt. 2020
  • Starttijd: 10h00
  • Eindtijd: 17h00
  • Locatie: online
  • Website

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