Drinks & Demos

06 sep. 2017, 17:00 - 19:00

Informal gathering with drinks and demo's for start-ups, innovators and inspired professionals.

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Drinks & Demos

Every first Wednesday of the month we organize an informal gathering with drinks and demos for start-ups, innovators and inspired professionals. Do you have this brilliant idea you want to share, a problem you can’t solve or just want to meet some cool people? Please come to the HighTechXL Plaza (HTC 12) and join the conversation.

HighTechXL Plaza is located at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, designated to become ‘the place for accelerating high tech hardware start-ups’. We believe that open collaboration is the only way forward and that value is created in non-traditional, globally connected networks. We’re developing the building and our network as we speak. You are happily invited to join and connect to HighTechXL Plaza.

Drinks & Demos
  • Datum: 06 sep. 2017
  • Starttijd: 17:00
  • Eindtijd: 19:00
  • Locatie: TU/e

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