Business English Class

20 feb. 2018 - 17 apr. 2018

ESI (Expat Spouses Initiative) is launching a Business English Course for one of the following levels:

A : Accelerators into Business English (level A1.2 - A2.1) B : Beyond Basics in Business English (level A2.2 - B1.1) C : Competency in Business English (level B1.2 - B2.1)

These courses are suitable for students at every stage of English ability. Please sign up for our intake days and we can decide your level together with help of tests and face-to-face conversation. Then we can place you in the best course for your level. There are a maximum of 10 places per course - so sign up as soon as you can to ensure your place. The first course to fill up will begin immediately after the Carnival Holidays (see details below) and as subsequent courses fill up, we will inform you of the dates and times. A waiting list system will set in place to ensure no one misses out. 

Please e-mail us at info@expatspousesinitiative.org for more details about the Course.

Business English Class
  • Datum: 20 feb. 2018
  • Starttijd: 09:30am
  • Locatie: High Tech Campus
  • Prijs: € 219

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