040coders meetup at TomTom

21 mrt. 2019, 17:00 - 22:00

Uncle Bob video on "The Dependency Inversion Principle" followed by two talks on cross-platform UI technologies

We'll show Uncle Bob video #13: "The Dependency Inversion Principle" https://cleancoders.com/episode/clean-code-episode-13/show 

And two talks on UI programming. 

- Talk 1: Erwin de Groot (Thermo Fisher Scientific): Xamarin: one platform to rule them all? http://040coders.nl/abstracts/2019-03-Erwin-de-Groot.shtml  

- Talk 2: TBA 

Hopefully we'll also have cool demos of TomTom's latest innovations! More details will follow soon!

040coders meetup at TomTom
  • Datum: 21 mrt. 2019
  • Starttijd: 17:00
  • Eindtijd: 22:00
  • Locatie: High Tech Campus 25
  • Website

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