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Before Philips started building on this site, there were a number of farm houses. They all disappeared, except one. The remaining farm house was rebuilt in the eighties with dressing rooms and showers built in, as well as an attic for table tennis. On the ground floor a real bar was created. In 1979 it was brought into use for festive occasions and since then it has been known to all Philips employees as "De Boerderij". ​

Over the years, sportsmen have spent many hours at the bar in "De Boerderij" but also jubilees, retired employees and many others have used it as a place to invite their colleagues for a drink and a chat. In short, "De Boerderij" has an important social function on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. The facility is managed by the Campus Sports & Health Club.

If you want to rent "De Boerderij" during office hours (08:00-16:00 hrs) for a meeting, off-site or training, contact: or 040-3333 001

If you want to rent "De Boerderij" after office hours (16:00 hrs onward) for a reception or farewell party you can contact: José Rutten via E-mail:

Rules for renting "de Boerderij"

The facility is let only to employees of High Tech Campus Eindhoven to celebrate occasions like jubilees, farewell, successes, birthdays, etc.

In situations where the above mentioned rules do not cover specific details, the Campus Sports & Health Club will decide.

Renting is only possible when there is a Campus Business connection with the organiser, e.g. an employee birthday (so not the birthday of a partner or child or a celebration of marriage). Sports and health related social events will have a privilege above other social events.

Pricing is based on the strong social function “De Boerderij” has on the Campus, so the Campus Sports & Health Club will make sure that customers will always pay the bill with a smile ;-)

If you wish to offer your guests something to eat, you will have to take care of this yourself. Catering partners can be freely chosen, but of course we recommend There are limited possibilities to heat up food in "De Boerderij". In case something goes wrong with your food delivery, Campus Sports & Health Club can deliver peanuts on request.

Campus Sports & Health Club will arrange (a) bar employee(s) with whom payment can be settled. Payment can be done with P-Card, creditcard or PIN immediately at the end of your event

See you in "DE BOERDERIJ"!

  • High Tech Campus 61, Eindhoven

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