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Noodgevallen: 040-230 5444 (24 uur per dag). Bel niet 112, deze handeling omzeilt ander veiligheids- en beveiligingspersoneel wat zorgt voor verlies van kostbare tijd. Beveiligingspersoneel is dan tevens niet in staat de hulpdiensten naar het juiste gebouw te begeleiden bij aankomst.

Overige telefoon nummers:

Campus Security Manager: 06-11739014
Campus Safety Manager: 06-22976438
Niet-noodgevallen: 040-230 5441
Foto’s en badges: 040-230 5606

Procedures Safety & Security

All procedures related to Safety & Security issues on the terrain and the buildings are published at the Sharepoint here. Only for authorised people. Please contact: for more information.

Safety & Security Incidents

All security & safety related incidents (break-in, burglary, fraud, embezzlement, destruction, espionage, unauthorized computer use, PC- virus, graffiti, political activism) must be reported at number 040-230 5444 (in case of emergency) or 040-230 5441 (in other cases) or by using the SECURITY & SAFETY INCIDENT REPORTING FORM.


Be aware of any safety hazards in your working area and report any hazards which you cannot eliminate. Familiarize yourself with the location of the First Aid or EHBO stations in your building and familiarize yourself with the evacuation routes in your building. Ensure that you can identify the fire marshall (BHV'er) for your area of the building. If your business unit operates a safety program make sure you are familiar with its contents. If you work in a high risk area ensure you know the rules concerning:

  • Chemical safety: Information about, and handling instructions for dangerous substances
  • Ergonomics: Advice on, and the measurement of noise, climate, dangerous substances, etc.
  • Pressurized substances: Advice on gas cylinders and gas equipment
  • Radiation: Application for, acquisition of, permits for radioactive sources and radiating equipment. Disposal thereof
  • Electrical and Mechanical safety
  • Unattended equipment and experiments
  • Personal protection: Application for ear and eye protection etc.
  • Emergency response: Evacuation routes and emergency response
  • Fire prevention: Advise, training and instruction related to fire prevention
  • Environmental precautions

For all safety related questions please refer to the safety manager of your business unit.
More information is available from the security department of High Tech Campus Eindhoven (Tel. 040-230 5441).

Safety at night

The campus is located away from busy residential and social environments and will be largely deserted at night and in the weekends. In order to address the need for safety and security after opening hours, the campus Steering Committee has approved an extra security shell to be added to the periphery of the campus. The extra security shell will not degrade the feel of an open campus during normal business hours. There are four elements to the extra security shell:

  • Security cameras form a continuous ring around the campus
  • Security cameras and other security installations are continuously monitored
  • Access gates which can be closed at night form the entrances to the campus
  • An additional deterrent will be placed around the campus consisting of natural barriers such as water and shrubbery, as well as fencing along the west campus boundary.

Opening hours:
The campus is open to public access from 06:30 to 20:30 hours, from Mondays to Fridays. Access times may be altered as deemed necessary.

Security inside buildings

Campus residents are asked to take particular note of the following important security issues.

  • Register your visitors in advance (via Campus portal)
  • Meet your visitors in the reception area
  • Ensure that unknown persons do not enter the building with you
  • Ask unknown persons to report to the receptionist
  • If you encounter unknown persons in your building, offer your assistance and guide them to their host or to the receptionist
  • Ensure that nothing of value is left unattended
  • Lock away valuable items such as laptop computers and PDAs
  • Report abnormalities to Security (tel. 040-230 5441). The emergency telephone number is 040-230 5444!!

Please note that security is everyone’s responsibility.

Photo permit

The taking of photographs or making of films in the buildings (other than The Strip) in any form whatsoever is strictly prohibited without prior permission. Permission is also required to bring and carry photographic equipment. Authorized managers can apply for permission for the making of films or taking of photographs via the PHOTO PERMIT FORM. Photographs and films may only be used for the purpose for which permission was granted.

Lost and found

If you find items of value please report this to the security department. You can also hand them in to the Information Point where they will be kept in safety. Also report lost items to the security department. It is possible that someone has reported this or handed them in. Please call 040 230 5441 or report to the security office (Information Point).

Bomb threat

Report possible bomb threats immediately to the security department at telephone 040-230 5444. In the event of a bomb threat you should:

  • remain calm
  • if possible record the conversation
  • note the time of the call
  • keep the caller on the line as long as possible
  • say that you need to ask the following questions in order to save lives
  • when will the bomb explode?
  • where is the bomb?
  • what does the bomb look like?
  • what kind of bomb is it?
  • why are you doing this?

if the caller is not the person who placed the bomb:

  • who did you hear this from?
  • how did you hear about it?

Try to identify and remember the voice. Take note of the language and accent. If possible try to locate the location of the caller and any background noises. Report immediately to the security department at telephone 040-230 5444.

Flying with drones

Here you can find the ground rules for flying with Drones on High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

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