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Veeren Electronic Design Solutions V.E.D.S.

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Quality PCB designs delivered in time. Established in 1994Using state of the art CAD and MCAD systems combined with the design engineers' in depth knowledge of manufacturing and assembly processes, EMC and signal integrity issues, V.E.D.S. offers a PCB design service that meets the customers specifications the first time right.

A close cooperation between Electronics Engineers, Designers, Bare Board Manufacturers, Test and Assembly facilities is realised. Problem areas are identified before they become an issue. Recommendations are made that could possibly increase manufacturing or assembly yields on prototyping and volume products. This approach shortens the design cycle, reducing the time to market, which in turn reduces the overall cost of a project, leading to a more cost effective product. V.E.D.S bv operates according to ISO-9001-2000 requirements.

  • High Tech Campus 25
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 88 011 0202
  • Email
  • Website

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