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TEN Flecs is a contract manufacturing facility for thin-film integrated circuits and backplanes based on IGZO and organic TFT technologies. Target applications are NFC and RFID tags, sensors (fingerprint, X-Ray, temperature), displays (LCD, OLED and EPD) and logic (memory, CMOS).

TEN FLECS is a small-scale manufacturing facility, which transfers to industry the decades of applied R&D experience of TENFLECS technology partners – IMEC (Belgium), Holst Centre (Netherlands) and FlexEnable (UK). TEN Flecs facility is equipped with Flat Panel Display GEN2.5 Tier 1 manufacturing tools. Partnering with the leading equipment and material suppliers makes the line compatible with the technologies of Asian foundries for efficient ramp-up when volume demand is secured. TEN Flecs line capacity is up to 10,000 sqm of TFTs a year.

TEN Flecs enables high level of precision for integrated circuits on large areas, not yet achieved within standard silicon industry. This opportunity is enabled by flat-panel display production process applied to the microelectronics fabrication. The use of novel metal-oxide and organic materials allows TEN Flecs to fabricate microelectronics on motherglass of GEN2.5 size (370 mm x 470 mm). TEN Flecs uses photolithography with scanner and stepper exposure for achieving critical dimension of 1.5-3 μm. New materials and switching from wafers to glass with incomparable larger sizes, while preserving high precision and low critical dimensions, enables lower costs of microelectronics and is now highly innovative.

TEN Flecs small-scale production allows seeding new markets while testifying new technologies. As flexible electronics technologies are verified for industrial and market success, they can be transferred to larger production scale.IGZO and organic materials, which enable inherent mechanical flexibility and transparency of electronics, are used as semiconducting layers in thin-film transistors and can be deposited on large areas with no loss of performance. TEN Flecs customers are manufacturers of components (such as ready displays) as well as design and brand companies looking for contract (outsource) manufacturing.

The production kick-off is planned to Q2 2019.

TEN Flecs manufacturing line is in Troitsk, Moscow area, Russia

TEN Flecs is a part of contract services group of companies TEN (Troitsk Engineering Network) managed by TechnoSpark (professional venture-building company).

TEN Group also includes:


TEN Electronics - contract manufacturer of new electronics and mechatronics.

TEN Engineering - contract service company in full cycle design & engineering

TEN Fab - contract plastic & metal working plant

TEN Additive technologies - contract manufacturer of parts, casings, 3D-plastics

TEN Brading - contract brading plant, producing fortified parts in aerospace & automotive industry, building, sport furniture.

TEN Composites - contract manufacturer of carcass, shell and individual parts made of composites

TEN Med - contract manufacturer of prosthetics and other parts for the medicine



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  • Eindhoven
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