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PTC: Driving Digital Transformation & Innovation. We are driving industrial digital transformation and innovation by turning possibility into reality. Our industry-leading solutions enable companies to capitalize on the promise of technology today.

Technology Driven Innovation
With over 30 years of experience understanding things in their digital form, and over $1 billion in investments in bringing that information back into the physical world, we have a unique, big picture view of how this technology can advance your business today.

Our leading industrial innovation platform and our field-proven solutions and services, help companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world. The advancements that are being made are even helping companies, developers, and partners to create entirely new tech-based business models.

Hands-On Experience
The opportunities in this new frontier of innovation are great, but so are the challenges. From where to start to how to get existing data out of silos and inaccessible systems, having the right partner on the journey is vital. Let us use our experience to help.

Global Partner Ecosystem
The best solutions will come from vendors that develop best-in-class partnerships. Our partners are leading the way in innovation, advising their own customers on how ThingWorx and other PTC technology can enable them to generate business value.

  • Over 800 partners have selected ThingWorx as their industrial innovation platform
  • System integrators have built IoT competency centers around the ThingWorx technology
  • 550K developers use ThingWorx to develop their own solutions
  • High Tech Campus 9
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 40 851 92 40
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