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At Plasmacure we envision a world in which people no longer suffer from chronic wounds. Wounds that have trouble healing are a serious health and costs concern with devastating consequences for patients, leading to amputations and loss of independence. Cold plasma can stimulate wound healing. Our dedicated team has developed a safe way to apply cold plasma directly in a wound through the ground-breaking medical device PLASOMA. This patented cold plasma solution brings bactericidal cold plasma directly in the wound.

Medical device PLASOMA for wound healing stimulation with cold plasma

The method consists of disposable Pads and a Pulser. The Pad is put on the wound and connected to the Pulser that sends energy to the Pad to create cold plasma. PLASOMA is CE certified and available for the market. Extensive clinical trials will be executed in various European countries to gain more data.

Clinical trial
A clinical trial on diabetic foot ulcers* was conducted on 20 subjects. In 2 weeks 11 wounds (on average 3-years old) reduced by >50% in size, 2 healed completely. Also, the number of Staphylococcus aureus colonies decreased significantly directly after plasma treatment compared with prior to application.

We are located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and in Nijmegen.

*Source: Peters, E.J., et al. (2018). Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma as a Novel Treatment Modality in Diabetic Foot Ulcers - A Pilot Study. Diabetes, 67 (Supplement 1). This pilot has been funded by the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation.

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  • Eindhoven
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