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Montes Jura Medical Technologies

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Start-up company Montes Jura Technologies was founded late 2012 and took up residence in a Mµ business unit six months later, even before the business centre was officially opened. Montes Jura is a true lifetec company, combining life sciences and medical technology. They are focused on the product development and marketing of high-tech innovations such as micro balls that block the blood supply to a tumour, or implants that could close or strengthen vessel walls. “Production is currently being outsourced, but we’re looking at doing this ourselves in the future,” according to CEO Boyd Mustaf. “Mµ offers the ideal lab facilities and additional office space for this, which means we can keep growing in our current location.”

  • High Tech Campus 10
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 40851 6555

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