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The High-tech revolution in the capital market. Liqwith’s application for the issuing of tokens as digital shares is the ultimate Blockchain solution to financing private companies needing capital. A promising new instrument for the current capital market.

Entrepreneurs get easier access to less expensive capital, to realize quality growth and company expansion. Investors have a safe and solid investment instrument at their disposal. This solution develops, protects, manages and communicates all relevant data for the present, and for the coming decades. 

  • Facilitates Security Token Offerings (STO) for both business and investor.
  • Rearranges the financial world with accessible and inexpensive financing.
  • 100% certified, legally and for tax purposes, for investments of up to €5 million.
  • Administrates Security Token Management (STM) including all annual obligations.
  • Helps businesses to convert their value into digital shares, without any bureaucratic wrangling, thanks to Blockchain.
  • Has already inventoried and resolved any legal obstacles.
  • Helps investors to invest in digital shares, legally and safely, including dividend payments and voting rights; watertight and fully registered thanks to Blockchain.
  • A one-stop-shopping smart contract for all the legal requirements, regulations and communication tasks (STM).
  • Facilitates investments in Fiat or in crypto: EUR, USD, GBP, BTC, ETH etc.
  • Guarantees complete and continuous Security Token Management: value appraisal, registration, risk analysis and management, voting rights, dividend administration, annual reports, dilution etc.
  • The software offers companies security in registering and monitoring the tokens, by way of a user-friendly online dashboard.
  • The software offers investors a clear overview in following developments, dividends, votes and stock prices, by way of a user-friendly online dashboard.
  • Liqwith is co-founder of Dutch Crypto Delta, a multidisciplinary collaborative partnership between notary, accountancy, banks, marketing, trading houses and exchanges with the aim of facilitating all elements of STOs.

 “How every company, large or small is able to convert their shares into tokens.”

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