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LeydenJar Technologies B.V. is a spin out venture from research center ECN part of TNO offering the technology for high capacity, 100% pure silicon anodes that generate up to 50% more energy density in Lithium-ion batteries.

Our proprietary technology is based on plasma depositioning (PECVD) of porous silicon directly on copper substrates. Benefits include up to a tenfold increase in capacity versus existing graphite anodes, mechanical stability during many cycles based on the porous nature of the material, and the potential for rapid industrialization based on the proprietary PECVD production process to make silicon anodes in a one step method.

We are located in Leiden and on the HTCE, with our plasma deposition machine located in the PINS building at HTC11. We are currently working on improving the productivity of the machine, in order to reach a level in which we can compete in cost with the existing method to produce anodes. Furthermore we are improving our prototype Li-ion pouch cell to demonstrate high energy density, longer cycle life, and in a larger consumer electronics battery format. Our intention is to build a base plant in Eindhoven to produce pure silicon anodes rolls on a larger scale, such that these rolls can be directly inserted in the battery manufacturing process of battery producers.

  • High Tech Campus 12
  • 5656AE
  • Eindhoven
  • +31 (0) 633979489
  • Website

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