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Incooling has created the world´s first high pressure two-phase cooling system dedicated to cooling data centres. Our mission is to bring next generation performance, today.

The datacenter industry is changing rapidly due to the progress of AI. More computing power also means an increase in the amount of energy to fuel it. The amount of heat generated has exceeded the limits of  traditional cooling solutions.

Reaching the end of the endless expansion.
The progress of computing power, measured by the amount of power per square centimeter is slowing down. Therefore, the industry has to find new ways to keep increasing processing power. Possible solutions to keep Moore’s law alive will always face some serious challenges, especially with the heat. In computer processors, thermal management is crucial since excessive heat reduces the performance benefits gained by traditional chip scaling. End of Moore’s Law is keeping the integrated circuits community actively looking for alternatives meet the growing demand and 3-D integrated chip is the next step. In computer processors, thermal management is crucial, since excessive heat reduces the performance benefits gained by traditional chip scaling. Consequently, cooling systems are essential for 3-D integrated chips and current heat removal solutions are not sufficient.

Incooling has created the world’s first compact cooling system that can effectively solve the thermal problems that arise from the higher power densities in 3D Integrated CPU’s and GPU’s. This makes our system a thermal accelerator that unlocks the full potential of the processor. With technology scouted from CERN, Incooling brings the next generation performance, today.

Incooling is using a high pressure 2-phase CO2 cooling system which is integrated inside the chip packaging. By utilizing the unique properties of CO2 we can dissipate the excess heat of the computing units in a more direct, efficient way whilst creating an optimal thermal environment, ideal for  processors with a high heat density. It is also up to 10x more thermally stable than current solutions. Our solution will help server manufacturers to manage heat loads, since it creates an extremely fast, stable and energy efficient system. With our solution, the semiconductor industry can foresee a future where Moore’s law will always be alive.

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