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Bluetivity exists to help clients grow, improve their business, and create sustainable outcomes in a variety of areas.

Formed by a diverse team of passionate professionals, the Bluetivity team works holistically and collectively to achieve distinctive results in organization, process, and business development. Specific common key areas that clients face are: setting the strategic direction, building the team, prioritizing and organizing investments, validating assumptions, and servicing the customer; these areas often intertwine and affect each other and can benefit from an overarching cohesive vision that is developed in an iterative, personal, and creative way. 

Bluetivity offers complimentary guidance & expertise to enable its clients to confidently make these decisions and arrive at the best solution to these challenges. The Bluetivity team utilizes time-tested techniques in a variety of ways, from analytical to visual to sensing, depending on the needs and interests of the client. This means, for example, that solutions could be revealed through such diverse methods as plotting numbers onto graphs, prototyping designs, or role playing relationships. 

In this way, the Bluetivity client can expect a fresh point of view, creative and surprising approaches, eye-opening experiences, active and interactive methodologies, and problem-solving that engages the senses. Just as Blue Zones are areas in the world where people live longer, healthier, and happier lives, Bluetivity believes in fostering environments where health, happiness and sustainable longevity define the business landscape. 

Bluetivity’s stand-out qualities are positivity, creating impact economically, socially, and environmentally; sensitivity, acknowledging and embracing vulnerabilities in order to grow stronger; and adaptivity, enabling flexibility to set and reach goals.

These qualities define the Bluetivity team, and are the building blocks for development with its clients. By bringing together people, aesthetics, technology, and flow, Bluetivity helps companies to successfully thrive in a high-tech, sensorial world.

  • High Tech Campus 27
  • 5656 AE
  • Eindhoven

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